In-House Notes

I did a bit of housecleaning on the blog tonight. In addition to returning to my original PressRow theme, I’ve decided that it’s finally time to pay a little attention to my links over on the right hand side of the page. I had a few links in there that didn’t work anymore, and I haven’t watched Ask A Ninja in at least ten months or so. I’ll be updating these links over the course of the next few days — I try to keep them relevant and useful, and then I usually stop paying attention to them after a few days and then we go a year without updating them, so I’ll see how long I’m able to keep it up this time. I’ve added a few of my daily reads (Kottke) and finally freshened up my Artists list, which is basically a compilation of the artists I really, really love and will continue to love no matter what kind of records they release in the future.

I’m also about to undergo my second phase of bringing back all my old blog posts dating back to 2001. This is a major undertaking and thus I’ve been taking it a bit at a time, but I want to get the archive out of my Gmail account and into a place where they are, at the very least, legible. They will be available as always via the drop down archive selector on the sidebar.

Everyone have a good weekend. I can’t guarantee I’ll be posting much original content through the weekend, because it’s going to be a busy one. Take care.

Chuck Bartowski On Flickr

Chuck Bartowski is the lead character from the upcoming NBC show Chuck, and he’s got a Flickr account. He’s also got a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and an account on every other social network in the entire internets.

I totally dig this kind of marketing, and I’m hyped about the show. NBC looks to have a very strong lineup of new shows, including Life, Bionic Woman and Journeyman in addition to Heroes and The Office.

New Music Wrapup

I used to do this a lot, but haven’t in quite some time, so I thought I would take a moment to wrap up some of the new music I’ve been listening to lately. There’s a few whole records in here as well as a few singles; it’s basically a mish-mash of stuff.


Kanye West -- Graduation

Yeah, it’s good. Over the next month or so, you’ll no doubt be inundated with praise for this record, and deservedly so. I’m a fan of Kanye’s, and the last two records have been really, really good, but they’ve fallen short of the “classic” tag that he do desperately seeks. Graduation, however, will most likely be remembered as a classic and one of the best rap albums of this decade. Kanye has always been a great producer, but he’s really outdone himself on this one, seamlessly blending techno punches with brilliant samples from all manner of artists. Coldplay’s Chris Martin makes an appearance on Homecoming, but the highlight of the album, for me at least,  is easily “Champion”. This is Kanye’s most soulful album and probably the benchmark of his career.


Speaking of benchmark albums: Robbie is a longtime friend of mine, but even that friendship makes no difference on how amazing his second national release is. This is easily the best Christian-market album I’ve heard in the past ten years; every single song on the record is chock-full of incredible hooks and layer upon layer of goodness. Whereas his first album was made for driving to the beach in the middle of summer, Give Yourself Away is made for any time and season, and it makes you want to sing out loud.


Caedmons Call would have to be classified as my all-time favorite band, but the past few years haven’t been kind to them. In accordance with the wishes of Essential Records (their old label), the band veered into CCM territory and came out worse for the wear, but Overdressed basically erases the past ten years worth of albums and puts them back where 40 Acres left off. That’s a good thing. They’ve returned to the rootsy, folk style that so many loved them for, and this record is probably their second best overall album.


Eisley is one of those bands that you either love or hate. I love them and have since I first heard them playing in Dallas way before they ever signed a record deal. Combinations takes the good stuff about the band and makes it stronger while eradicating the fluff they picked up on their first full-length. I haven’t listened to this one enough to really get a good grasp on how I feel about it, but my first listens have given me good impressions.

FF2007: GruveBall Draft

Here’s how my draft went down. I’m thrilled with my picks, by the way.

1. Joseph Addai
2. Maurice Jones-Drew
3. Donald Driver
4. Donovan McNabb
5. Marques Colston
6. Alge Crumpler
7. Jacoby Jones
8. Vince Young
9. Donte Stallworth
10. Jason Witten
11. Ravens D/ST
12. Stephen Gostowski
13. Greg Jennings
14. Tarvaris Jackson

I didn’t actually mean to pick Jackson — I tried to pick up Kevin Kolb, since it’s a keeper league and he’s going to be a stud in about three years. I worked the waiver wire following the draft and dropped Jackson, picking up Kolb. We’re also doing defensive players, so I grabbed Demeco Ryans.

All in all, a good draft. Everyone I got was ranked pretty high on my charts, and getting Vince Young in round 8 was a coup I think,